About Us

ZOLICASA is a lifestyle brand company, focusing on the design and development of contemporary home products. We own five product brands, including Buddaiss Collection、Buddha Kids、Qi12、Noucha、Woofi, as well as LOCOCASA, a Chinese webzine of the contemporary furniture design. Our product line covers furniture, furnishings, tableware, tea sets, planters, incense holders, clothing, toys, pet utensils, and other home supplies; basically, ZOLICASA tries to satisfy everyone’s desire for home.

Fitting the spirit of the oriental culture into Western design thinking has always been the sustained product development philosophy since the foundation of ZOLICASA. We hope to re-interpret the unique quiet atmosphere and philosophy conception of Eastern culture through the contemporary western minimalist design style and fashion sense, and then create a new and modern Oriental style of living; therefore, we believe that ZOLICASA sells more than just home supplies, but the recognition of the whole value of life.

About ZOLICASA“Creativity” is the design insistency of ZOLICASA, whether the innovation of material use or creation of life applications, we believe that– any prosaic surroundings, plus a little creativity, can be transformed into the center of life; any interesting design of small objects can create a pleasant mood all day.