Buddaiss: a Brand New LOHAS Lifestyle

ZOLICASA has announced a new LOHAS brand -  ‘Buddaiss’ today!

Buddaiss is a lifestyle brand focusing on combining western contemporary design and eastern religious atmosphere. The mission of Buddaiss aims to re-interpreter the serious and solemn concepts which the traditional Buddhism in the east exhibits, and to make the deities out of temples and become more daily-life friendly.

Buddaiss brings the busy and modern society a simple, relaxed, sustained, and natural lifestyle. Take the time to enjoy the LOHAS moment at: www.buddaiss.com.


ZOLICASA is a lifestyle brand company, focusing on the design and development of contemporary home products. We own five product brands, including Buddaiss Collection、Buddha Kids、Qi12、Noucha、Woofi, as well as LOCOCASA, a Chinese webzine of the contemporary furniture design. Our product line covers furniture, furnishings, tableware, tea sets, planters, incense holders, clothing, toys, pet utensils, and other home supplies; basically, ZOLICASA tries to satisfy everyone’s desire for home. For additional information, visit www.zolicasa.com.