Incense Holder of Fu De Zhen Shen(Fu De God)
Bless you for good wealth

Fu De Zhen Shen(Fu De God), alternatively called the Earth God or , is the God of the Land. With a kindly disposition and being happy in doing good and charitable work, he is a very popular god in the traditional society of China. In addition to ruling the land, Fu De Zhen Shen(Fu De God) is also the Mammon and the god of fortune for Chinese folk farmers who pray for abundant harvests of grains of all kinds and businessmen who pray for thriving business. Therefore, Fu De Zhen Shen(Fu De God) is also regarded as the God of Wealth in the Chinese folk belief. Buddaiss Furudo Fu De Zhen Shen incense holders can bring you the infinite luck in wealth; meanwhile, he can bless you, your family, and your friends for no worries about food and clothing and a plentiful fortune.

Package Content

  • Incense holder of Fu De Zhen Shen (porcelain / with stainless steel holder)
  • Blessing basket (porcelain)
  • Holder stand (porcelain)
  • Ubuku incense samples (8 sticks)
  • User's manual

Dimensions / Weight

  • Size of incense holder of Fu De Zhen Shen: 48x45x105 mm(WxDxH), or 1.89x1.77x4.13 inches
  • Size of blessing basket: 22x18x27 mm(WxDxH), or 0.87x0.71x1.06 inches
  • Size of holder stand: 155x101x15 mm (WxDxH), or 6.1x3.9x0.5 inches
  • Size of package: 170x140x90 mm (WxDxH), or 6.1x3.98x0.59 inches
  • Weight: 150g/0.3lbs (without package), 250g/0.6lbs (with package)
  • Incense Blessing

    1. 1. Place the incense holder on the holder stand.
    2. 2. Light incense and place it on the holder.
    3. 3. Relax and do anything you want!

    Cleaning Tips

    1. 1. Only use a cleaning sponge to clean and polish the incense holder.
    2. 2. Fragile, please handle with care.