Incense Holder of Yaochi Jinmu (Queen Mother of the West)
Bless you for good health and longevity

It is said that Yaochi Jinmu, alternatively called Wangmu Niannian or Xi Wangmu, is the ancestor of the goddess and she lived in the Yaochi (Shining Lake) of the Mount Kunlun. The donut peach trees she planted come to fruition every three thousand years; people who eat this fruits can be immortal. Therefore, Yaochi Jinmu is also the symbol of good health and longevity among the Chinese traditional folks and belief. With the blessings of Yaochi Jinmu, people in the world can be distant from illness and pain; they can enjoy good health and longevity. Buddaiss Xingfuku Yaochi Jinmu incense holders can bring you the sincere blessings from Yaochi Jinmu and bless you, your family, and your friends all the time for good health, happiness, and longevity

Package Content

  • Incense holder of Yaochi Jinmu (porcelain / with stainless steel holder)
  • Blessing dish (porcelain)
  • Holder stand (porcelain)
  • Ubuku incense samples (8 sticks)
  • User's manual

Dimensions / Weight

  • Size of incense holder of Yaochi Jinmu: 70x56x105 mm(WxDxH), or 2.76x2.2x4.13 inches
  • Size of blessing dish: 35x35x07 mm(WxDxH), or 1.38x1.38x0.28 inches
  • Size of holder stand: 155x101x15 mm (WxDxH), or 6.1x3.9x0.5 inches
  • Size of package: 170x140x90 mm (WxDxH), or 6.1x3.98x0.59 inches
  • Weight: 150g/0.3lbs (without package), 250g/0.6lbs (with package)
  • Incense Blessing

    1. 1. Place the incense holder on the holder stand.
    2. 2. Light incense and place it on the holder.
    3. 3. Relax and do anything you want!

    Cleaning Tips

    1. 1. Only use a cleaning sponge to clean and polish the incense holder.
    2. 2. Fragile, please handle with care.