Incense Holder of Matreiya Buddha
Bless you for the limitless happiness

Matreiya Buddha, alternatively called Buddha of Joy or Buddha of Luck, is the Happy Buddha generally acknowledged. A big smile all over the face, long earlobes, and a mountainous belly is the signature figure of Matreiya Buddha. As long as people see the ingenuous and kind smiles, all the meaningless and unnecessary fights, haggle, discrimination, and jealousy will be reconciled at once. No matter you are men or women, disregarding nationalities, all are brought into harmony. Buddaiss Kuairoku Incense holders of Matreiya Buddha can bring you endless great kindness and wisdom, and bless you, your family and your friends for the expressive brightness and limitless happiness.

Package Content

  • Incense holder of Matreiya Buddha (porcelain / with stainless steel holder)
  • Blessing bowl (porcelain)
  • Holder stand (porcelain)
  • Ubuku incense samples (8 sticks)
  • User's manual

Dimensions / Weight

  • Size of incense holder of Matreiya Buddha: 70x66x88 mm(WxDxH), or 2.76x2.6x3.46 inches
  • Size of blessing bowl: 24x24x13 mm(WxDxH), or 0.94x0.94x0.51 inches
  • Size of holder stand: 155x101x15 mm (WxDxH), or 6.1x3.9x0.5 inches
  • Size of package: 170x140x90 mm (WxDxH), or 6.1x3.98x0.59 inches
  • Weight: 150g/0.3lbs (without package), 250g/0.6lbs (with package)
  • Incense Blessing

    1. 1. Place the incense holder on the holder stand.
    2. 2. Light incense and place it on the holder.
    3. 3. Relax and do anything you want!

    Cleaning Tips

    1. 1. Only use a cleaning sponge to clean and polish the incense holder.
    2. 2. Fragile, please handle with care.