Incense Holder of the God of Marriage (Chinese Cupid)
Bless you for the happy marriages

Yue Xia Lao Jun, alternatively called Yue Lao, or Yue Xia Lao Ren, is the God of Marriage as well as the Cupid in Chinese folk traditions. He is in charge of the male and female emotions around the world. It is said that “marriages are destined”. Chinese people believe that the match of men and women are destined by fate; it is not the matchmakers in the human being world can force to match. Furthermore, the so-called “being destined” means the match making of marriage by Yue Xia Lao Jun. Buddaiss Yuanfuru Incense holders of Yue Xia Lao Jun can bring you the happy marriages with the testimony of Yue Lao, and bless you, your family and your friends as well as all the couples in the world for good marriages and firmer love.

Package Content

  • Incense holder of the god of marriage (porcelain / with stainless steel holder)
  • Blessing basket (porcelain)
  • Holder stand (porcelain)
  • Ubuku incense samples (8 sticks)
  • User's manual

Dimensions / Weight

  • Size of incense holder of the god of marriage: 61x51x93 mm(WxDxH), or 2.4x2.01x3.66 inches
  • Size of blessing basket: 24x21x27 mm(WxDxH), or 0.94x0.83x1.06 inches
  • Size of holder stand: 155x101x15 mm (WxDxH), or 6.1x3.9x0.5 inches
  • Size of package: 170x140x90 mm (WxDxH), or 6.1x3.98x0.59 inches
  • Weight: 150g/0.3lbs (without package), 250g/0.6lbs (with package)
  • Incense Blessing

    1. 1. Place the incense holder on the holder stand.
    2. 2. Light incense and place it on the holder.
    3. 3. Relax and do anything you want!

    Cleaning Tips

    1. 1. Only use a cleaning sponge to clean and polish the incense holder.
    2. 2. Fragile, please handle with care.