Buddaiss Style

Life could be simpler! Originated from the zen of the East Buddha, Buddaiss brings the busy and modern society a simple, relaxed, sustained, and natural lifestyle.

Buddaiss is a lifestyle brand focusing on combining western contemporary design and eastern religious atmosphere. The mission of Buddaiss aims to re-interpreter the serious and solemn concepts which the traditional Buddhism in the east exhibits, and to make the deities out of temples and become more daily-life friendly.

Buddaiss StyleLife with Buddaiss, the calm and peaceful minds that could only be obtained in the religion previously can now be continued to our daily life. It makes all the people release their stress and return to the innocence through composing their minds by themselves. In the world of Buddaiss, there is no recondite philosophy of the religion, sophisticated traditional etiquette, but only the simple life experience.