Every product of Buddaiss Collection, before leaving the factory, at least has dozens of porcelain production processes. From clay, irrigation mode, painting, glazing, firing pottery, and even the packaging process, we constantly and finely carve each link, strictly control the quality, and finally send to the hands of every collector.

Craft creation has been an integral part in the manufacturing process of Buddaiss and also what make us proud. We insist that under a large number of production processes, we should keep an old master’s life wisdom gradually accumulated with years, feelings, experiences, knowledge, and achievements, so that each group of Buddaiss Collection can be the classic works of art combining with human emotion and hand-made process and then sublimate into the characterization of sustainable heritage.

CraftsmanshipJust as the pure white burning work of Buddaiss, they can’t stand any visible stains at naked eyes, so we believe that the ultimate display of fine craft rely on more stringent quality control and more focused creative input. Buddaiss hope to create meticulous design fine works with human emotion, and we insist on doing– perfect presentation and impeccability.